New Coordinate Measuring Machine is Extra Accurate

LK METROLOGY recently announced a new coordinate measuring machine, or CMM, that improves on its previous offerings in terms of accuracy by 16%. The Altera C HA, for “high accuracy,” is a ceramic-bridge CMM available in five sizes between 1.5 meters tall (about 5 feet) to 700mm (about 2.2 feet).

Though it’s made with the same components, the Altera C HA has 13% better repeatability and 50% more accurate scanning than other models in the Altera C line of CMMs thanks to build optimization. The high-accuracy-built machines come with repeatability from 0.0013mm and a scanning accuracy of 0.002mm. Its volumetric accuracy is 1.3+L/350.

According to LK Metrology, the device’s moving bridge and bearings have been modified for reliable operation, even at fast axis speeds. The high-accuracy device’s bridge is 17% stiffer than conventional models, which the company says enables its superior accuracy. LK achieved the improved bridge stiffness by widening the spread and stiffening the air bearings supporting the main drive leg.

Additionally, LK says the machine consumes only a small amount of energy and can give repeatable measurement results at high speed thanks to reduced air film thickness in its air bearing configuration.

The new scanner has a multi-sensor capability, which uses a Renishaw PH10M motorized probe head capable of deploying a laser scanner, touch-trigger probe, or scanning probe, which can interface with LK Metrology’s proprietary CAMIO CAD software.

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