Automated Gun Barrel Production

The UNISIG R-4-2-2 fully automated barrel cell is engineered and automated for continuous and synchronous production, capable of gun-drilling four barrels at once, while two gun-drilled barrels are precision reamed and two others receive the final step of button rifling at the same time.

Engineered automation is routinely included in the developer’s deep-hole drilling machine cells, including systems like robotics and conveyors that can be machine-mounted or used to combine multiple machines or operations. The company develops safe and effective standard automation that encompasses specialized solutions to fit the needs of particular production demands, applications or facilities – enabling shops to make the most of their UNISIG machines.

In operation, the UNISIG R-4-2-2 production cell uses a smart conveyor to load four barrel blanks simultaneously into a UNI four-spindle gun-drilling machine. Drawing from a bulk feeder, this automated loading is the starting point for many hours of unattended operation. The four gun-drilled parts are moved out of the machine by the conveyor, and a six-axis robot then loads two gun-drilled parts into the UNR reaming machine.

After precision reaming, the robot transports the two gun-drilled and reamed barrels to a blow-off station and then loads them into the R-series rifling machine. Gun drilling, reaming and rifling operations are happening simultaneously for maximized productivity. Then, the robot delivers finished, rifled parts to a multi-level discharge magazine.

According to UNISIG CEO Anthony Fettig, production cells like the R-4-2-2 open the door for small to mid-sized as well as very large manufacturers by developing scalable barrel production cells, designed for productivity and reliability.

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