High-Performance Coolant Filtration for Tool Grinding

VOMAT offers the CNC machine filter technology to meet the specific performance requirements in micro tool production, delivering highly filtered grinding oil in purity class NAS 7 (3-5 µm) over a long application period. In addition, they ensure precise control of the coolant temperature.

The trend toward miniaturization of devices and components in various industries requires the use of extremely small and high-precision tools in production. In order to grind drills, milling cutters, and gauges, etc., with their wafer-thin shanks and filigree geometries reliably in large-scale production, the production conditions and technologies in conjunction with comprehensive quality assurance play a decisive role.

"An important factor in this sensitive production environment is ultra-fine filtration of the cooling lubricants," according to Steffen Strobel, sales manager. "When grinding microtools, contaminated or insufficiently filtered cooling lubricants can have a sensitive effect on the grinding result. Even minimal temperature fluctuations in the cooling lubricant pose a major threat to the final quality, as they can have a negative effect on the expansion behavior of machine components and tool substrates. Vomat's filter technology is designed to eliminate precisely such disturbing factors and ensure optimal filtration.

Vomat filters separate 100 percent dirty and clean oil in full flow, so the tool manufacturer always works with clean cooling lubricants. In addition, Vomat systems carry out backflushing as required. The degree of contamination of each individual filter element is monitored, and if a defined value is exceeded, the backflushing process is automatically initiated.

Meanwhile, the other filter elements ensure a continuous supply of clean oil in cleanliness class NAS-7 (3-5 µm.) This advanced capacity control of the filter system helps to optimize energy consumption and thus lower operating costs for the grinding process. Precise temperature monitoring of the grinding oil with a control accuracy of +/- 0.2 K ensures constant optimum temperatures of the coolant media.

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