Portable, Large-Format CNC Router

YETI TOOL announced the launch of its SmartBench PrecisionPro X, a large-format CNC router that offers portability as well as automated feed and speed functionality. It can be outfitted with the BigFoot production-ready dust shoe that is compatible with a 100-mm hose, allowing for larger chip evacuation volume and industrial extractor compatibility. With a cleaner workspace and fewer bag changes, the new SmartBench PrecisionPro X operates more economically and with fewer job interruptions.

The SmartBench PrecisionPro X has all the amazing current features of a PrecisionPro + CNC machine that customers would expect from Yeti Tool, including large-format, highly portable (when the BigFoot is removed) as well as automated feeds and speeds.

SmartBench PrecisionPro X also coordinates with the Console XL panel, with a 10.1-inch screen and a 178-degree viewing angle that makes the router set-up easier to use.

The BigFoot and Console XL are both features requested by (and available soon to) SmartBench router operators.

"SmartBench PrecisionPro X can turn any workshop into an all-in-one factory, or make any existing factory more efficient to run," according to Yeti Tool directors and co-founder Andy McLaren. "This new CNC machine from Yeti Tool is taking the next step towards making SmartBench a CNC power tool for commercial use and hobbyists alike."

Learn more at www.yetitool.com