Thread Milling Cutters for Small Threading Applications

WALTER TOOLS is offering the T2711 and T2712 thread milling cutters for producing small, blind-hole and through-hole threads – a thread depth less than or equal to 2.5 × DN in dimensions of M16, M18 and UNC ¾. These new cutters accept free-cutting indexable inserts with three cutting edges that are made from grade WSM37S or Tiger.tec Gold® WSM37G.

An important feature of these inserts is outstanding process reliability. This, along with exceptional performance and high tool life, is the result of a unique coating layer structure. A patent-pending, highly textured MT-TiCN layer for the WSM37S and a TiAlN-Al2O3 coating for the WSM37G helps reduce flank face wear and increases toughness due to the multi-layered structure. For the WSM37G, this Al2O3 layer additionally improves chip breaking and makes it an easy cutting geometry, while the gold-colored top layer helps improve wear detection.

These inserts for the T2711 and the T2712 are available in two geometries.  The D67 geometry can be used universally for maximum tool life, and the D61 has an anti-vibration land for excellent operational smoothness even in challenging working conditions.

The inserts have a defined corner radius for generating standard threads. Users who already use the 06 size inserts in other milling cutters can use these new T2711 and T2712 versions.

The thread mills offer universal application in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, heat-resistant superalloys up to 55 HRC (ISO P, M, K, N, S and H workpiece groups). Machined flutes prevent the cutter from being deflected by the chips it produces, and internal coolant ensures reliable chip removal even when threading at a high feed per tooth. This enables the T2711 and T2712 to mill small threads perfectly, quickly and reliably.

Walter developed the T2711 and T2712 thread mills specifically for applications where it’s not worth it for end users to purchase expensive solid carbide threading tools, for example because their volumes are too low. Unlike solid-carbide milling cutters, these tools do not need to be reconditioned, because the inserts are replaced instead.

In addition to fast machining times and long tool life, the thread milling cutters provide 100% process reliability, easy handling, few radius corrections, high operational stability and smooth chatter-free threads.

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