CAM Updates Collision-Avoidance Function

SPRUTCAM TECH, a CAD/CAM/OLP developer, the release of Update 17.0.10, which incorporates a total of 123 revisions to the previous version and introduces enhanced functionalities, bug fixes, and improvements to streamline the user experience.

One significant enhancement in SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot 17.0.10 is the Collision Avoidance option, which features an updated calculation algorithm. SprutCAM X helps machine programmers to find safe tool approach and return paths even for complex machining projects.

Additionally, SprutCAM X 17.0.10 prioritizes user convenience with several updates:
Added tool axis orientation along the normal to the base surface in the Pocketing operation.
Organized list of post processors in the control program creation window.
Support for non-milling tools for milling machines in the MachineMaker function.
Warning when clicking "Clear All" in the Snapshots Manager window.
Arc interpolation to the Area Cladding operation.

Some notable bug fixes now implemented to the program are:
-  Resolved errors when adding a new robot and when working with templates in MachineMaker.
-  Fixed critical and visualization errors related to drawing modes and 3D models.
-  Fixed bugs related to inch and metric measurement systems.
-  Resolved issues with importing and viewing 3D models from SolidWorks, IronCAD, and Inventor.

Users with an active maintenance software contract have received notifications for the new release and can proceed with the upgrade.

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