Debut for Higher-Payload, Compact Cobot

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, manufacturers of collaborative robots, is adding a new, 30-kg payload cobot to its portfolio of options. The UR30 is the second in the new series of devices and built on the same architecture as the UR20 introduced in 2022. According to its developer, the UR30’s compact size adds to the value of its heavy lifting and motion-control capabilities with large payloads. It emphasized the new cobot’s potential for machine tending, material handling, and high-torque screw driving.

Specifically, the new cobot offers:

        A reach of 1,300 mm / 51.2 in.

        Handles payloads up to 30 kg / 66.13 lbs.

        A footprint of Ø 245 mm

        And weighs 63.5 kg / 139.9 lbs.

For machine tending the high payload will allow the UR30 to use multiple grippers simultaneously, meaning it can remove finished parts and load more material in a single pass, for shorter changeovers that will maximize productivity.

The UR30’s 30-kg payload will support more material handling and palletizing applications for heavy products, and the small footprint will be compatible with most workspaces. Weighing 63.5 kg (about 140 lbs.), it can be moved between work cells.

In automotive production and other fabricating and assembly applications, the UR30 can handle larger and higher-output-torque tools due to a steady mode feature that supports straight and consistent screw driving.

“The higher payload and greater flexibility underpin a new era in automation,” according to UR president Kim Povlsen. “Industries around the world are embracing more agile manufacturing and modularity in production: part of achieving that modularity and agility is about mobility, and this cobot delivers that despite its payload.

“As industries evolve, the UR30 not only meets but anticipates shifting demands, enabling businesses to adapt and respond to changing needs effectively. As we continue to innovate, the UR30 is another step in UR's journey in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of automation.”

The UR30 is available for pre-orders and shipments will begin in Q1 2024.

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