Focus on Machine Technology, Turnkey Solutions

INDEX CORP. will be demonstrating the full range of its high-precision machines ng at IMTS 2024, in booth 339119, including the North American debut of its C200 FANUC, a cost-effective new variant of its production machining center. Also, the developer will showcase the Index iXperience, its comprehensive portfolio of value-added services that provide manufacturers with optimized solutions, from acquisition and installation of individual machines to development and delivery of a turnkey production systems.

The new C200 Fanuc merges the design and high performance of Index’s successful production turning center with a Fanuc control. Powerful twin spindles achieve rapid material removal while the patented SingleSlide guide system offers an incredibly fast dynamic response by providing two degrees of movement in one plane. The new machine includes a third turret that will promote significant productivity gains for operators, as it can quickly move between spindles for high flexibility and cycle time minimization.

With eight motorized spindles, the MS40-8 CNC multi-spindle machine allows for short cycle times on both complex and simple parts. This machine is available with dual synchronized spindles and can be operated in a double four-spindle mode to produce two complete parts with every full rotation of the spindle drum.

The MS40-8 machine can be configured with up to 18 CNC slides, as well as additional Y axes, to perform a diverse range of processes. All of the machine’s motorized spindles are fluid-cooled and can operate independently of the other seven, allowing each to apply cutting data optimized to the process being performed.

Able to switch between sliding- and fixed-headstock operation within minutes, the TNL20 provides a powerful and flexible solution for shops producing parts suited to Swiss-type machining. With a rigid, vibration-damping bed, the TNL20 maintains exceptional accuracy while also allowing up to four tools to be put in the cut simultaneously. With two turrets and the use of double and triple holders, the machine can accommodate up to 58 tools to flexibly tackle a wide range of complex small parts.

Designed to fully machine even the most complex parts in a single setup, the G220 turn mill combines powerful twin spindles, two turrets, robust five-axis milling capabilities, and a capacity to hold up to 169 tools. This machine offers high dynamics and generously dimensioned linear guides in the X and Z axes, allowing it to achieve optimal cycle times for parts with numerous, varied features and specification requiring tight tolerances.

Visitors to booth 339119 will have the opportunity to learn about the Index iXperience – a term that covers’ the total-company approach that Index has developed to efficiently and effectively provide whatever level of solution a manufacturer requires. It includes close coordination between the sales, proposals, project management, applications, service and spare parts teams to ensure a comprehensive and ongoing solution to a customer’s needs.

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