Expanded Repair Service for 3rd Party Spindles

FISCHER USA INC. will show IMTS 2024 visitors how it claims the role of “technology leader with perfect rotation,” exhibiting its branded spindles plus new service capabilities. At booth 237470, the Wisconsin company will demonstrate how – along with 85 years of experience in high-performance machine tool spindle design, in-house manufacturing and best-in-class repair services – it is now offering repair services and exchange programs for non-Fischer spindle brands to the North American market.

Fischer will also display its wide selection of branded spindles and head assemblies for milling, drilling, and grinding operations.

“We have invested substantially in recent years in new machines, processes, and our most important asset, our people, to support our growth,” explained vice president Doug Kranz. “Today, we can now offer our full battery of services to work on non-Fischer spindles most commonly found on high performance, high precision machines.”

He added that Fischer USA has curated a niche in the machine tool market in North America, focusing on more complicated spindles that other repair shops may tend to avoid. “We pride ourselves in taking on the spindles many others stray away from,” he said.

Kranz explained that initially Fischer USA will target Kessler spindles, commonly found on large-format SW machines, typically used in the automotive market for high-production work. It is also focusing on Makino spindles for several lines of that builder’s machines, specifically MAG3. “Currently, MAG3 machines are well known to have spindles that only Makino repairs. We have been asked to repair them for several years now and have decided to make a major commitment to this type of work. As a result, Fischer has invested in a pool of spindles and we will repair them, stock them, and roll out our exchange program for MAG3 users (during) Q1 2025,” according to Kranz.

MAG3 machines are used primarily in aerospace parts production, and Fischer has a long history and solid experience working directly with aerospace OEMs and their first and second tier suppliers.  

Finally, Fischer will target a repair and exchange program for Voumard multi-spindle, ID high-speed grinding machines. It will maintain an inventory of those spindles, ready for immediate exchange with fast delivery and competitive pricing.

“Our price points will be lower than the OEMs in most cases, while we maintain the very high-quality standards Fischer has long established in the American market.”

Learn more at www.fischerspindle.com