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Walter USA Inc.

WPP indexable inserts from Walter USA are available in eight positive cutting edge geometries.

New insert geometries, grades and tool configurations have been designed to allow for greater flexibility and productivity when cutting a range of materials.

Walter USA Inc. ( has increased its WPP indexable insert range to include eight, positive cutting edge geometries. The new indexable inserts are part of the "Tiger-tec for Steel" family, and are standard ANSI/ISO positive shapes.

The company said the inserts' sharp cutting edges ensure a quiet cut with minimal vibrations for high process reliability; especially under difficult operating conditions. They are designed for low cutting depths and for applications involving stringent precision and surface quality requirements.

The new cutting grade and cutting edge geometry combination work with any cutting situation and any type of steel, from unalloyed structural steel to heat-treated or highly alloyed stainless steel. The WPP indexable inserts are for operations that range from ultra-fine finishing to roughing. The positive insert shapes are designated: PF4 – the fine one; PS5 – the variable one; PM5 – the universal one; PF5 – the precise one that is peripherally ground; PR5 – the robust one, a round insert; MOT – the stable one, a round insert with a chamfered cutting edge; PF – the speedy one and PM – the fast one.

Separately, Walter USA announced it was presented the Highly Protected Risk Award based on an audit of risk control, emergency preparedness, emergency response plans, safety/health programs and overall housekeeping. The company said it was one of only two facilities worldwide to receive a perfect score during the audit.

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