Universal top jaws

Schunk Inc. (www.schunk.com) introduces universal hard top jaws SZKU for small batch-size applications. With three rows of clamping blades, the jaws clamp either the I.D. or O.D. of workpieces. They are available for lathe chuck diameters of 165 mm, 210 mm, 250 mm, 315 mm and 400 mm. [Editor’s Note: English measures??? Please put them in parentheses behind each metric measurement.]
An exchangeable workpiece rest enables adjustment to different clamping depths with the same set of jaws. They permit up to four clamping positions, as well as bar feeding, with a single set of jaws. The company says the form-fitting clamping of universal hard top jaws makes it possible to machine workpieces with high cutting performance at low clamping force.

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