Tough grade for interrupted cuts

Tough grade for interrupted cuts

Sumitomo's AC3000 grade has the toughness and wear resistance needed for severe interruptions in turning alloy steels, low-carbon steels, stainless steels, and die steels.

Sumitomo's AC3000 grade has the toughness and wear resistance needed for severe interruptions in turning alloy steels, low-carbon steels, stainless steels, and die steels.

Sumitomo Electric
Mount Prospect, Ill.

Integrated threading solution

Kennametal IPG includes die heads, chasers, and thread rolls in its Greenfield tap-and-die threading line. A quick-ship program makes a large selection of Geometric and H&G chasers available with 48-hr standard delivery. Special features available include lip hooks, gun grinds, and alternate chamfers.

Kennametal Inc.
Augusta, Ga

Versatile face mill

A 3 lead-angle face mill allows use of all eight corners of carbide inserts in a single cutter. The V-Max features inserts with a double-positive-rake-face geometry and a tangential mount.

Standard cutter bodies range from 2 1 /2 to 12-in. diameters. Standard inserts have a wiper flat for one-pass machining on many applications.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Co.
Rockford, Ill.

Diamond-coated inserts

CVD-coated grade F5020 inserts from Mitsubishi Carbide are for milling cast iron, including ductile cast iron. Microstructure-controlling technology enhances wear and fracture resistance for long tool life.

Surface coating is a lamination of vapor-deposited titanium that improves lubricity and prevents material welding to an insert.

Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp.
Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Coolant-driven cutter

Available for blind and through-bore applications, Eltool's Titespot keyseat-cutting head eliminates secondary broaching or milling on gears, sheaves, hubs, and pulleys. Applications include slotting and oil grooving. Heads for machining centers load from automatic toolchangers. A lathe version combines keyseat cutting with turning and boring. Since the spindle is not needed to rotate the cutter, spindle rotation indexes the part to machine multiple keyways.

Four standard head sizes machine bores to 1 /2-in. I.D. Cutter widths arefrom 3 /32 to 1 /2 in.

Eltool Corp.

Quick-change drill-and-tap combo

Hex-driven QC Cost Cutters drill and tap through-hole applications in one pass. The drill has a split point to eliminate center drilling or punching. Available in various boxed or pouch-set styles, sets are application customized with drill-and-tap tooling, quick-change chuck, extension, and other specified 1 /4-in.-hex-drive bits. Tap size range is from a 4-40 through 3 /8-24.

North American Tool Corp.
South Beloit, III.

Coated turning-grade inserts

Aluminum-oxide-coated TP2000 turning-grade inserts reduce roughing and finishing time up to 40% when cutting steel, as compared with ISO P25 grades. The new Seco-Carboloy inserts combine the toughness of a P30 grade with the speed and wear resistance of a P20 grade.

The new coating withstands high temperatures and increases speed. The TP2000's substrate resists plastic deformation for long tool life. High edge strength and adhesion between the substrate and coating results in a predictable wear pattern.

Seco-Carboloy Inc.
Warren, Mich.

Stable cutters

Walter Waukesha's F2334 cutter is for die/mold applications and machining of power-station turbine components. Its round inserts have no top clamp in the chip flute and offer four cutting edges per insert.

F2334 cutter features include a chip-space-opening angle of almost 60° and a square seat that prevents rotation. Straight-shank and screw-fit cutters come in 1.00 and 1.25-in. diameters. Face mill versions include 1.50, 2.00, and 2.50-in. diameters. Circumference-ground indexable inserts (geometry D57, in grades WXM35 and WXP45) are available with diameters of 8, 10, and 12 mm.

Walter Waukesha Inc.
Waukesha, Wis.

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