Thread And Insert Mills For No-Leak Pipe Threads

Thread And Insert Mills For No-Leak Pipe Threads

New thread mills and insert mills from Emuge Corp. ( are designed to solve problems of leaking pipe joints in the petroleum and natural gas industries associated with traditional machine tapping or lay-down threading methods. The spiral-fluted thread mills produce NPT/API threads in diameters of 0.125 in. through 2 in. The indexable partial profile insert thread mills cut NPT/API threads in diameters from 1 in. through 20 in. The thread mills extend the application range of Emuge's Thread-Max and Threads-All programs.

The ground, solid-carbide thread mills have a premium micrograin carbide and TiCN coatings for long tool life and multiple spiral flutes designed to eliminate chatter. The design incorporates a large cutter diameter with high profile correction to ensure true-to-gage threads and an extended milling section that allows for longer thread lengths as required for API line pipe threads.

The indexible insert thread mills, for tapered thread cutting applications, have hardened steel bodies with CNC-ground Weldon-type shanks or come in three bar sizes with integral CAT50 shanks. Internal coolant supplies exit radially at the insert cutting edge to optimize cooling, thread quality, tool life and to effectively evacuate small chips.

The inserts are made of micrograin carbide with a choice of either TiN or TiAlN coatings. They are ground with rake and relief angles that tolerate high chip-per-tooth loads. The company says the free-cutting geometry produces low radial cutting pressure to ensure true-to-gage threads. Each insert has four useable cutting edges for long tool life. Precision pockets with close dimensional tolerances are machined into the bodies' steel end faces to ensure precise insert positioning.

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