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Short-projection toolholders

Short-projection toolholders

Zero-Z toolholders from Rego-Fix ( have a short projection that allows for more Z-axis stroke and greater workpiece size. The toolholders are designed to be used on multiplex turning machines and small vertical machining centers. A flush collet nut eliminates tool overhang.

Zero-Z toolholders are prebalanced to G2.5 at 22,000 rpm, and have Rego-Fix's Hi-Q external clamping nut as standard equipment to increase clamping force. They are compatible with CAT 40 taper and the company's ER32 collet series that clamp tool shanks from 0.0394 in. (1.0 mm) to 0.7874 in. (20.0 mm) . The company says its Zero-Z holders in the ER series are compatible with both standard and ultraprecision levels, and can be used with Rego-Fix's tapping collets.

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