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Short-overhang collet chucks

Short-overhang collet chucks

Command Tooling Systems, Ramsey, Minn., ( says the short projection of its DR (ER)32 Shorty collet chucks allows users to maximize workpiece size. The collet chucks are designed for tools with shank diameters from 0.079 in. to 0.787 in. and have near-flush collet nuts that almost eliminate tool overhang. The company claims the recessed nosepieces of Shorty collet chucks result in the shortest possible gage length, and that increases in feeds and speeds of almost three times those of conventional collet chucks are possible.

The collet chucks are good for small vertical machining centers and multiplex turning machines. They are available in 40-V and 50-V styles to ANSI V and 40 BT. Collet pockets are concentric to the spindle taper to 0.0002 in., and taper tolerances are AT3, or better.

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