Saw blades fill performance gap

Saw blades fill performance gap

Index for January '03—December '03

lndependence bandsaw blades combine a high-performance, high-speed cutting edge with a high fatigue backer to bridge the gap between bimetal blades and carbidetipped blades. Reportedly, the durable blades increase productivity with a lower cost-per-cut as compared with other bimetal blades.

lndependence II series blades have a tooth configuration for multipurpose sawing, including cutting of small-to-medium solid steel and a combination of structural steels. Independence EXS blades have a tooth geometry for hard-to-machine solid metals, such as stainless steel; large, solid shapes; and exotics. The cutting edges on both series of blades are 70-Rc hardness for high wear resistance and long life.

M.K. Morse Co.
Canton, Ohio

Hard-turning grade

Seco-Carboloy's CBN350 is a PCBN grade for rough machining of hardened steels and irons, such as chilled or white cast irons and manganese-steel components.

CBN350's high toughness reduces chipping and edge flaking in difficult-to-machine materials and allows for high feedrates and long life in low cutting speeds. The solid inserts are available as round or square shaped.

Warren, Mich.

LPE tangential milling inserts

Two high-performance grades of LPE tangential milling inserts are available from Stellram. SP3014, a TiAlN PVD-coated insert, is for milling of ductile cast irons, stainless steel, and high-temperature alloys. SC3025 is for milling cast iron. Both grades fit industry-standard cutters.

Stellram USA
La Vergne, Tenn.

Versatile end mills

Four and five-flute solid-carbide end mills — TuffCutXR from M.A. Ford — are for heavy rough-milling applications as well as for finishing cuts in almost all materials. Over 240 variations are available including square-end and multiple-corner radii and stub, standard, and extra-long flute lengths. The tools feature Helipitch flute geometry, which is claimed to reduce harmonics and double feedrate and tool life as compared with competitive end mills.

TuffCutXR end mills are AlTiN coated and are available in size ranges from 1/8 to 1 in. and 3 to 25 mm.

M.A. Ford Mfg. Co. Inc.
Davenport, Iowa

Cast iron turning combo

Sandvik Coromant offers three new insert grades and a new cutting geometry for cast iron machining. The GC3205 grade is for high-speed machining of grey cast iron, GC3210 grade is for high-speed machining of nodular cast iron, and GC3215 grade is for difficult conditions in all cast iron materials.

The strong KR insert geometry produces low-cutting forces in demanding, cast iron roughing applications, while reducing vibration and power consumption.

Sandvik Coromant Co.
Fair Lawn, N.J.


Index for January '03—December '03

January $133,883,278 120.6% July $111,215,159 102.1%
February $125,288,689 112.9% August $116,382,313 106.8%
March $134,260,197 122.1% September $125,456,973 115.4%
April $123,526,680 112.9% October $132,331,224 121.3%
May $119,703,248 110.0% November $116,384,449 107.1%
June $123,443,633 113.6% December $121,200,994 111.7%
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