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Roughing And Multiple-Material Millng Platform

Roughing And Multiple-Material Millng Platform

Kennametal Inc. ( says its Ksom Mini face-milling platform with direct-pressed carbide inserts and positive geometry boosts performance in roughing aluminum, cast iron, stainless steels and hightemperature alloys. Applicable functions include face milling, ramping, helical ramping from solid, slotting and plunging.

The platform also is suited to roughing and milling multiple materials, such as gray cast iron and steels in automotive applications or stainless steels and aluminum in general manufacturing. The Ksom Mini platform comes in selected grades and edge preparations for numerous applications and consists of a range of cutters and inserts with eight cutting edges and 25° clearance angles. Axial depth of cut is 0.140 in. (3.56 mm) using all eight edges, and temporary axial depth of cut can be up to 0.354 in. (8.99 mm) using four edges.

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