Optical/digital presetters

Optical/digital presetters

Seco-Caboloy (www.carboloy.com) has added digital imaging features to its PWB tool presetting machines, including its TM4, TM10 and TM250 models. The company says digital imaging helps to eliminate common judgment errors and improve tool-height accuracy while decreasing presetting cycle times and increasing machine uptime.

TM4 models are motorized presetters that provide 20-times magnification of large-tool diameters and lengths. They accommodate tool diameters up to 23.62 in. and heights just under 36 in. TM10 models are contact presetters that measure tools up to 12.2 in. in diameter with heights up to 19.69 in. TM250 noncontact presetters provide 20-times magnification on tools with diameters of up to 11.8 in. and heights of 19.69 in.

Factory-installed options include T-cam, for TM10 and TM250 models, with flying access measurements and intelligent cross hairs for measurements on a single tool or tools with multiple inserts, such as milling cutters. Another option, E-pro for TM4 and TM250 models, provides length, angle and circle measurements and surface details, such as those on ground insert chipgrooves.

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