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New Presetting System For Long Tools

New Presetting System For Long Tools

Speroni and BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. ( are introducing the new STP-35 Basic and STP-35 EzVision tool presetting systems designed to handle longer tool lengths. The STP-35 systems will be on display at IMTS. The systems match the accuracy and T.I.R. of the STP-34 and have extended Z-axis height to accommodate tools up to 20 in. in length. Display resolution is 0.001 mm (0.00004 in.). The EzVision system features one-micron Heidenhein glass scales and a thermobalanced and artificially aged pearlitic cast iron structure to ensure that the equipment is fully isostatic and will not deform or distort over time or temperature change.

According to BIG Kaiser, digital tool sensing removes the potential for error inherent in manual measurement systems. The system does not rely on the operator's sight and judgment to focus and align tools within its optics in order to assure reproducibility of precision settings no matter which operator uses the instrument.

After inserting the tooling in the spindle, the operator sets maximum diameter by reading simple digital values and following color codes on a personal computer monitor. The computer replaces the digital readout used on other types of presenters, so the operator does not have to learn to operate two sets of controls — digital readout and computer monitor. The EzVision control features a centering indicator box for presetting angular cuts, and may also be used to calculate nose radii and angles.

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