Modular Linear Actuator Automation

Modular Linear Actuator Automation

Robohand, a De-Sta-Co ( company, has introduced a modular automation system that allows for integration of its pneumatic slides, grippers and rotaries.

The Smart Linear Actuator (SLA) is a turnkey automation solution that can be configured for any application. It features a fully integrated servo/pneumatic motion control, weld-field immune electronics, an on-line web configurator, integrated motor and drive (Smart Motor) and networking capabilities. The SLA servo slide series is available in three models (SLA-90, SLA-120 and SLA-150) with stroke lengths from 3.94 in. (100 mm) to 55.12 in. (1,400 mm), and maximum stroke speeds from 0.039 in. per second (1 mm per second) to 43.31 in. per second (1,100 mm per second).

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