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Metalworking/Metalforming Fluids

Metalworking/Metalforming Fluids

Oak Inter-national ( has introduced the Oak Signature brand of metalworking fluids that address the fluid challenges of metalcutting, metalforming, cleaning, corrosion inhibition and specialty applications.

Oakflo is formulated to meet the needs of machine tool and metalworking systems by offering a safe, less-expensive alternative to straight oil machining and grinding systems. The company said the fluids provide high lubricity, cooling and corrosioncontrol capabilites. The fluids also are designed to eliminate rancidity and dermatitis issues while promoting efficient and easy part cleaning.

The fluids are designed for milling, drilling, turning, reaming, tapping, broaching, sawing and grinding applications, for cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and exotic alloys.

The company said its Oakform stamping and drawing fluids meet or exceed the quality standards for a diversity of metalforming applications. In addition to superior lubricity, cooling and corrosion control, these fluids provide extremepressure lubrication especially for severe stamping and drawing.

Oaktec multipurpose corrosion inhibitors are designed for in-process and long~term storage applications. These formulations are available in solvent, oil, water soluble and synthetic formulations.

Oakspec specialty fluids, lubricants, allied products and processes meet a diversity of customer-specific requirements including fine blanking, laminate stamping, hydro-forming, tube forming, glass grinding and creep-feed grinding.

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