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Indexable insert discmills

Indexable insert discmills

Seco-Carboloy ( has added fixed pocket and adjustable cutters to its line of 335.18 indexable insert discmills. The free-cutting tools are designed to prolong tool life when machining difficult materials and in extended-reach applications for a broad spectrum of materials in both short-runs and full-scale production.

Additions to the line include free-cutting (positive geometry) LNKT and LNKW inserts, and round 0.236 in. and 0.315 in. (6 mm and 8 mm) RD and RP styles with corner radii from 0.015 to 0.122 in. for all disc-milling applications. A range of grades is available for cutting steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Cutters range from 4 in. to 10 in., with or without hub, with cutter bodies that have cassettes for precision and depth-of-cut machining from 0.390 in. to 5.90 in.

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