IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.

IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.

IMCO Pow-R-Feed end mills come in a variety of corner radii, square corners for general machining and finishing and ball nose styles for contouring.

Several manufacturers are introducing new milling products at Eastec 2007. New cutter designs include end mills, inserts for face and copy milling and high feed mills supported by a new Internet-based global support center.

IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. ( is introducing Pow-RFeed M90, 5-flute cemented carbide end mills for roughing, slotting and finishing a variety of difficult-tomachine materials. The company says a single tool is needed for machining stainless steel, carbon steel, hightemperature alloys, Inconels, titanium, cast iron and hardened steels.

The Pow-R-Feed M90 end mills feature a premium substrate of advanced-grade cemented carbide, a multi-layer heat-resistant coating matrix with a geometry that minimizes harmonic vibrations for smooth performance. The end mill is available in a 4-flute design for general purpose milling, and the new 5-flute technology provides an additional cutting edge for improved surface finish and increased tool output. Both the 4flute and 5-flute end mills are available in a variety of end designs, shank designs and lengths.

The company said tests of the PowR-Feed M90 end mills with a multilayer aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN-ML) coating showed the tools lasted 60 percent longer than the same tools with a titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coating.

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