Greenleaf Corp.

Greenleaf Corp. ( has added new face mill inserts to its WG-300 line. The new inserts have a lead angle geometry designed for high-feed milling. In an application cutting material with a hardness of 54 Rc with a 0.040-in. depth of cut at 800 surface feet per minute, each edge (4 total) lasted for over 20 minutes of cutting.

WG-300 is a whisker reinforced ceramic material providing high wear and thermal shock resistance at high surface speeds. It is effective in machining highnickel and other heat resistant alloys at metal removal rates up to 10 times greater than carbide. Hardened steels, hard irons, plasma spray and weld overlays are other applications for WG-300 material.

Greenleaf Corp. also announced its new Global Support Center ( will be operational in May 2007. The company said the Center will be the world's most comprehensive online source for purchasing Greenleaf cutting tools and components. As one of the most accessible Internet sites for purchasing and obtaining information about cutting tools, visitors have access to over 15,000 products, stocking and pricing information, and can access any portion of the site without registering. The company said this will speed up purchasing because visitors do not have to wait to be contacted by Greenleaf.

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