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Dual-contact toolholding

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. ( has developed a simultaneous, dual-contact toolholder system for use in turning operations with Mori Seiki NT Series multitasking machines.

The company says its Big Plus system improves tool rigidity by providing simultaneous dual contact between the machine spindle face and the toolholder flange face, and between the machine spindle taper and the toolholder taper shank. The company says the system is the first modular tooling system designed for mill/turn applications in either a 45-degree-tilt or a 90-degree right-angle styles. When using automatic tool change for loading tools, the Big Plus system positions the toolholder within 0.00004 in. (1 micron) for repeatability. The system also includes a variety of rotary toolholders and a complete MTC tooling system for milling, drilling, tapping, reaming and boring.

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