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Dry-cutting saws

Dry-cutting saws

CSM14B 14-in. metal cutting saws from the M.K. Morse Co. (, are equipped with Metal Devil 14-in. carbide-tipped blades to cut dry while producing few sparks. The saws cut pipe in diameters to 5.125-in., and rectangular stock to 3.75-in. The company says one Metal Devil circular saw blade lasted 17 times longer than an abrasive wheel cutting angle iron.

At 15 amps and 1,300 rpm, the saws' low-speed, high-torque motors are optimized for metal cutting. Their heavy-duty bases have predrilled holes for bolt-down to any workbench.

Vises have six pre-set base markings for 45° or 90° cuts. Additional features include a chip-collection tray, built-in carrying handle, adjustable chip deflector, on/off trigger switch on the handle and an enclosed blade when not cutting.

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