Center-Pilot Drill For Deep-Hole Drilling

Center-Pilot Drill For Deep-Hole Drilling

Titex Precision Cutting Tools ( says its XD deep-drilling technology drills holes up to 30 times diameter and at speeds to six-times faster than other technologies. A coolant-fed XD pilot — a center and pilot drill optimized for XD technology — with a point angle of 150 degrees enables a "soft" bore in preparation for the XD tool. As a result, the deep-hole drill does not immediately enter with the entire point in the tool, avoiding abrupt increases in force and torque. At the same time, the base of the hole is prepared for the XD tool. The company says this reduces loads on the cutting edges and tool, and optimizes positioning precision and straightness of the holes produced.

The XD pilot has a TFT coating and can be used with the same materials as that of the XD technology. With internal coolant, coolant supply doesn't have to be switched from piloting and deep-hole drilling. The company says a tolerance on the XD pilot's external diameter prevents diameter overlapping with the subsequent deep-hole drill even after many regrinds.

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