New 5-Axis CMMs for Multisensor Measurement

AIMS METROLOGY will show its new turnkey 5-axis coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) at booth 134342 of IMTS 2024. In addition to existing Revolution Series 5-axis HB and LM CMMs, the OEM said visitors will be able to view AIMS Metrology’s newest system, the Itaca FlexGauge.

The Itaca FlexGauge is meant for jobs that require tactile scanning for small, high-precision parts, according to its manufacturer. AIMS’ lab-grade LM uses multisensory capabilities with REVO-2 for measuring speeds of up to 500mm per second and data collection rates of up to 4,000 points per second. A mobile HB with a 5-axis PH20 can be deployed near a production line to verify product dimensions and monitor flow processes in real time.

AIMS also plans to demonstrate its SP25M, a compact — 25mm diameter — scanning probe system suited for use on the PH10M probe head. The SP25M will be demonstrated on a fully retrofitted machine with a CMM vision probe camera to show how AIMS sensor systems can accommodate multiple sensors.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, AIMS Metrology sells 5-axis CMMs for multisensory inspection and intelligence-gathering of fabricated metal parts. It builds and assembles its machines in the U.S.

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