Objets Connex500 Multi-Material 3D Printer Gets U.S. Introduction

Objet Geometries Ltd. (www.2objet.com), a manufacturer of ultrathin layer photopolymer jetting, has introduced its Connex500 3D Printing System and PolyJet Matrix Technology. The Connex500, which is the first system capable of printing parts and assemblies made of multiple model materials all in a single build, was demonstrated for the first time in North America at the SolidWorks conference.

Objet said that based on its PolyJet Matrix Technology, the Connex500 establishes a new era in rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. In addition to the special ability to print models made out of several different materials, the Connex500 introduces the new concept of on-the-fly fabrication of materials. These Digital Materials are composite materials that are formulated during the build process and that have preset combinations of mechanical properties unattainable by single materials.

The Connex500 broadens Objet’s offering, adding another level of versatility and capabilities to those provided by Objet’s Eden family of 3D printing systems. The Eden machines produce highly accurate, finely detailed models with ultra-thin walls down to 16 microns. Differentiated by their different build sizes and varied support for specific FullCure photopolymer materials from Objet, the variety of Eden 3D printing systems available enables design departments to choose the solution that best fits their needs.

“The North American market, which is already a strong adopter of 3D printing, is well primed for the unparalleled advantages that Connex500 offers for product design and development engineers,” Frank Marangell, president of Objet USA, said. “As a premier gathering of CAD experts and a key show for rapid prototyping in the United States, SolidWorks World was the perfect venue for introducing what we believe is the most exciting new developments to benefit product designers in recent years.”

Objet said that with its innovative multi-material and Digital Materials printing capabilities, the Connex500 opens the way to virtually unlimited opportunities for emulating the look, feel and function of final products more closely than ever before. The machine offers particularly compelling cost and time advantages for applications that would usually require the gluing of separate parts made of different materials and for endproducts that involve double injection production.

The U.S. launch of the Connex500 and PolyJet Matrix technology follows its international introduction, held at Euromold 2007 in Germany, last month. The Connex500 won the EuroMold 2007 Innovation Award, which recognizes the most innovative developments from the broad fields of moldmaking and tooling.

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