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Gear Plant Puts 1,400+ Machine Tools to Work in China

Ever Power Transmission announced in the last week of December that it opened its new factory in China to produce gears. Ever Power is a Chinese venture that specializes in making all kinds of gears, including NRV worm reducers, cast iron worm speed reducers, in-line helical speed reducers, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm gear reducers, agricultural gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, PTO shafts, special reducer and related components to customers' drawings, geared motors, electric motors, lawnmowers, gasoline engine and water pumps.

What is astounding about the plant is its size: The venture's Internet site ( includes a capabilities list that indicates the plant now has 1,411 machine tools in place, including 670 lathes. The other machine tools are broaches, hobs, milling machines, drills and grinders, and the list goes on and on. The venture's capabilities inventory also had lists of numerous auxiliary and supplementary equipment, including resistance, vacuum and carburizing ovens, deburring and parts cleaning machines and CMMs.

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