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DirectIndustry Launches Virtual Technical Library

The search engine for finds industrial products., ( an industrial exhibition Internet site, has launched a Virtual Technical Library that the company says provides access to 90,000 pages of technical information from industrial catalogs.

DirectIndustry says the library is based on more than 3,000 .pdf files and allows searches by key words through a search engine that finds the matching text or specification in texts, tables and/or charts that are buried in the .pdf files. Searches are designed to generate summaries of relevant pages to allow a user to select the most pertinent one.

The company's Internet site also has a tool bar that allows users to print the page, to browse surrounding pages, or to send an email request directly to the manufacturer.

Corentin Thiercelin, founder and chief executive officer of DirectIndustry, says the library works by extracting textual information from .pdf and .jpeg files, combining and cross-referencing that information with other textual information, and linking that information with the original files in parallel to deliver information quickly and effectively over the Internet.

The DirectIndustry service is free, accessible to anyone and requires no registration.

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