Flexible Automation Expertise for Any Machine Shop

CNC automation supplier FASTEMS LLC plans to detail its flexible automation systems at IMTS 2024 – in booth 228966 – with experts available to discuss how even the smallest machining shops can succeed when they adopt automated manufacturing for their operations. Over three days of the event, Fastems will present educational sessions on machine shop productivity, along with live CNC automation system demonstrations, and live daily customer case studies.

Fastems CEO Mikko Nyman, CSMO Mikko Mononen, v.p. - Digital Manufacturing Heikki Hallila, and head of Expert Sales Risto Niemi – among other experts – will be available for discussion and demonstrations throughout the week during the show. The schedule for presentations includes:

  • On Tuesday, September 10, find out How to Automate 4- and 5-Axis Machining Centers for Flexible Manufacturing.
  • On Wednesday, September 11, learn about Digital Tools to Collect, Visualize and Utilize Manufacturing Data.
  • Thursday, September 12, will bring a presentation on The Best Cutting Tool Practices, Automation Features and Solutions for Preventing Tool Bottlenecks.

The automation system developer will highlight its entire flexible manufacturing system portfolio via Living Factory, and the entry-level automation system Flexible Pallet Tower (FPT), controlled with the MMS (Manufacturing Management Software) automation program.

FPT automates 4- and 5-axis machining centers with 300- to 630-mm pallets or zero-point plates. As a factory-tested automation unit, it is ready for fast delivery and installation with ready-made interfaces for hundreds of different machine tool models.

MMS automation control is designed to plan, run, and control mixed manufacturing, and its latest version 8.2 brings new features related to machining sustainability and flexibility in turning machine tool automation.

The myFastems digital service portal assists manufacturers to maximize the performance of their automation systems every day.

Fastems is also displaying its Work Cell Operations (WCO) factory MES solution that can plan the activity of manual work cells, stand-alone machine tools, and automation systems in a single instance. Factory Cockpit collects, visualizes, and analyzes production data at factory-level for full production transparency and data-based development.

To help manufacturers improve the cutting tool processes that are often the reason for low CNC spindle utilization, Fastems experts will discuss the best cutting tool practices and how automation can help in physical tool delivery and managing tool data, including tool wear.

Gantry Tool Storage (GTS) and Central Tool Storage (CTS) tool automation systems help shops to remove machine stops related to tool shortages, minimize their tool reworking time, and reduce sister tooling costs.

Learn more at www.fastems.com/imts-2024.