Enhancing Productivity in Tooling, Automation, Software

GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS will present some advances in tooling, automation, and software from System 3R at IMTS 2024, booth 339458. For any type or model of machine, SYSTEM 3R helps boost manufacturing output by applying “smart productivity solutions.” Its modular tooling reference system minimizes set-up times while maximizing spindle uptime for high output. Shops increase profitability working smarter, not harder, with tooling systems for EDM and electrode manufacturing, parts production and powder compacting applications.

For 24/7 production, System 3R Automation offers scalable automation solutions. Among these are the company’s WorkPal 1, WorkPartner 1+, Transformer WorkMaster, and Transformer 6-axis robot, all of which shorten lead times and maximize ROI.

System 3R also offers user-friendly software. Necessary data are entered quickly and in a structured manner, giving users a quick, precise overview of their entire process chain. In addition to simpler, safer preparation of automatic cells, the various software solutions make information about workpieces, magazine positions, offset values and NC programs always readily available.

The extensive software portfolio packages include WorkShopManager, CellManager, EasyCellManager, CellManager Light and BatchBuilder. For seamless integration of all shop operations, WorkShopManager provides a quick and accurate overview of the complete process chain and management of the entire automation system.

CellManager is for one or up to 12 machines in a cell and supports different types of machines such as milling, sinker and wire EDM, laser, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), and cleaning. EasyCell Manager applies to one to four machines, supporting milling and laser texturing only. EasyCellManager Light is for robotless systems encompassing one or as many as 12 machines in a cell with different types of machines such as milling, wire and sinker EDM, laser and CMM.

As an entry level software, BatchBuilder allows users to create job batches to run in their robot cells that have various types of milling, sinker and wire EDM, laser and CMM machines. Key benefits of the software include full process optimization, ease of use and added scheduling flexibility with process chain monitoring.

Learn more at www.gfms.com  and at www.system3r.com