Flexible Robotic Cell, EOAT, and Grippers

ZIMMER GROUP US will be demonstrating a range of automation options for machining and manufacturing operations at IMTS 2024, booth 236448. The group specializes in grippers, end-of-arm tooling, industrial shock absorbers, and linear clamping and braking elements. Among the highlights of its presentation will be the ZiMo flexible robotic cell, an automation solution designed for medium-sized businesses.

Also to be presented are Zimmer’s new magnetic grippers for cylindrical battery cells – including demonstrations of their functionality.

ZiMo offers a simple and cost-effective introduction to automation processes. The mobile robot workstation consists of a cobot, end effector, and mobile frame. It enables free and mobile positioning at various locations without the need for complex integration into existing systems. An intuitive setup allows for operation without programming knowledge and its flexible configuration with quick adaptation enables profitable automation solutions, even for small-batch sizes.

The MATCH multi- functional end-of-arm platform from Zimmer Group and Schmalz is equipped with an extensive range of functions and universal communication interfaces, and it is compatible with all common lightweight robots on the market. It’s “an ideal system for cobots and conventional six-axis robots,” according to the developer. The MATCH robot module can be mounted to the most common robot types and acts as the connection for the entire range of MATCH-compatible end effectors.

Zimmer Group’s magnetic grippers for battery cells, IO-Link technology components, and several products from its portfolio in damping, linear and handling technologies including their multiple award-winning premium pneumatic grippers of the 5000 series, will be shown too.

Zimmer Group - with North American headquarters in Hickory, N.C., develops and manufactures standardized automation solutions for mechanical and plant engineering. Its specialty is manufacturing grippers and end-of-arm tooling components for robotics and the automation industry. It also manufactures clamping and braking elements, industrial shock absorbers, machine tooling components along with soft-close technology for the furniture industry.

Learn more at www.zimmer-group.com/en-us/