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Production-ready grinding platform

Nov. 10, 2005
Any number of turnkey applications start with the Accura Technics 1210G grinder.

Because of its vertical orientation, the Accura Technics 1210G readily accepts workpiecehandling automation.

The Accura Technics 1210G grinder is a flexible, productionready-platform offering highprecision I.D./O.D., nonround and rotary surface-grinding operations.

Any number of turnkey applications start with the Accura Technics 1210G grinder. It serves as a flexible, productionready platform configurable for handloaded or automated highprecision I.D./O.D., nonround and rotary surface-grinding operations.

The machine's slides and spindles mount to a rigid and stable granite base. Temperature-controlled linearmotor axis drives and hydrostatic work spindles deliver service-free motion control and precise machine operation and repeatability over extended periods. With these components, the 1210G cycles rapidly in high-production environments while also maintaining consistent performance, even with processes such as nonround grinding that involve continuous, rapid reciprocation of one, two or three axes.

A vertical orientation gives the grinder its small footprint with a full enclosure, workpiece-coolant system (oil or water soluble) and part load/unload automation. The vertical layout also lets operators work in close proximity to workpieces for easy set up, loading and part monitoring.

Shops can choose either variable or fixedspeed wheel spindles ranging from 1,750 to over 100,000 rpm for wheel diameters up to 13 in. Spindle motors are air or liquid-cooled synchronous or asynchronous.

With the 1210G's CNC, shops enter programs using conversational, G-code or custom-programming methods and have several options for networking. Featured grind cycles and control functionalities support a variety of grinding applications, including I.D., O.D., face, rotary surface, taper, contour and nonround. The control also supports dual processes and various dresser locations.

The 1210G accommodates several workholding combinations, from air-actuated-diaphragm, sliding-jaw and collet chucks to custom fixtures. In addition, users can incorporate electromagnetic or permanent-magnet chucks and mechanical-jaw-type chucks.

Accura Technics LLC
Keene, N.H.

1210G specs

  • • Machine floorspace
  • 65-in. wide and 44-in. long
  • • Workpiece capacity
  • 12-in. O.D.s, 10-in. lengths and 500 lb
  • X-axis travel 14 in.
  • Z-axis travel 12 in.
  • • Work spindle 0 - 2,000 rpm, belt drive, brushless DC and standard A-5 nose