U.S. Q3 Tooling Shipments Increase Slightly

Nov. 3, 2010
Domestic shipments up 5.2%, strongest in Midwest; exports rise 16.8%

Shipments of tooling components and workholding equipment totaled $58.3 million during the third quarter 2010, according to data provided by the Association for Manufacturing Technology’s Advanced Workholding Technology Group. The figure indicates an increase of 47.1% over the comparable period of 2009, and up 7.1% from the second quarter of 2010.

The group also reported that its members third-quarter 2010 employment levels increased 1.6% from the second quarter 2010, and increased by 4.7% against the third quarter of 2009.

AMT is the trade association for companies active in the machining sector, including machine shops and their suppliers of machinery and consumable products. Its Advanced Workholding Technology group includes 38 AMT member companies that produce chucks, jaws, collets, vises, fixtures, and other similar equipment.

The third-quarter figure is itemized as $48.6 million for domestic shipments of tooling and workholding products, a 5.2% increase; and $9.7 million for exports, a 16.8% increase.

In regional terms, the AWT report shows that third quarter 2010 workholding shipments to the Midwest increased 0.4% from the second quarter, 40.9% of all shipments, and keeping it the largest domestic destination.

In the Central states, the increase in shipments was 0.4%, giving that region an 18.8% share of domestic purchases.

Shipments to the Northeast states dropped 0.4% from the second quarter to the third, leaving that region with 16.0% of domestic shipments.

In the South, third quarter shipments increased by 0.2% as it held 14.0% of consumption for the period.

Last, in the Western states shipments fell by 0.6% from the second quarter to the third, leaving that region with a 10.4% share of the domestic market.

The Advanced Workholding Technology Group is comprised of AMT members who produce chucks, jaws, collets, vises, fixtures and other workholding equipment. The AWT operates as a forum to serve the interests of U.S. manufacturers of workholding equipment. The overriding goal of the AWT is to develop ways to better serve the workholding customer, and to implement programs to help the workholding community in this endeavor. While AWT members must be members of AMT, any OEM workholding manufacturer or U.S.-based company that is a sole distributor of a foreign-built workholding product line may participate in the AWT statistical program. The Workholding Market Data Report is the only accurate, timely source of detailed statistics on workholding equipment for marketing and planning purposes. There is no cost to participate. The only obligation is to complete the simple survey form each month. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

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