Boeing Takes $1.3-Billion Contract from Alaska Airlines

Jan. 27, 2010
Carriers first booking for the 737-900ER reconfirms demand for best-selling jet

Jet-builder Boeing Commercial Airplanes confirms it has a new order from Alaska Airlines to deliver for 15 Next-Generation 737 airplanes, including 13 737-900ERs (extended range) and two 737-800s. According to Boeing, the contract may be worth $1.3 billion if all options are exercised.

The single-aisle 737 is world’s best-selling commercial jet, with 486 new orders and 376 deliveries in 2010. The recent demand levels encouraged Boeing to schedule two increases in its production rate for the jets, an output level that will peak in 2013.

"The reliability and efficiency of our 737 fleet has been a direct contributor to our strong financial performance," stated Alaska Airlines president Brad Tilden, president of Alaska Airlines. "The 737-900ER will be a perfect fit for our transcontinental, high-traffic west coast and mid-continental markets, and will be the most fuel-efficient airplane in our fleet."

The order for 13 new 737-900ERs will mark the first of these new models in service for the Alaska Air fleet — which presently deploys 114 737s on its routes across North America.

The 737-900ER is the latest and largest version of the 737, with configurations for up 26 more passengers than the 184 that are carried by the 737-900, or a traveling distance of up to 500 miles farther than the 737-900. Martin Dailey, vice president of sales and marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes said the new order “speaks to the continuous improvements we are making to the Next-Generation 737 in terms of efficiency, economics, reliability and passenger comfort."

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