Navistar Takes $123-Million Defense Contract

Dec. 13, 2010
Latest MRAP contract pushes groups order over 8,000

Navistar Defense LLC has logged a $123-million contract from the U.S. Marine Corp. to deliver 175 International MaxxPro Dash vehicles with DXM independent suspension. Production will begin next summer.

The MaxxPro Dash is the latest variant of Navistar’s contribution to the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) series of vehicles designed and built for the U.S. Dept. of Defense, and built on its MaxxForce series of diesel engines. The MaxxPro Dash is smaller and lighter than previous models, and features the MaxxForce 9.3D engine.

The new order also includes replacement parts for MRAP vehicles. The new contract builds on an assignment Navistar Defense received last month for 22 MaxxPro Recovery vehicles, the so-called “wrecker” variant. Since 2007, the company has taken contracts for over 8,000 MaxxPro MRAP units.

Navistar Defense LLC is an operating division of Navistar International Corp.

he group says it is growing its product offerings by leveraging commercial capabilities and assets, which allows it to respond quickly to vehicle orders and simplifies integration of vehicle enhancements and the development of new truck variants.

“We are honored to provide additional MaxxPro Dash vehicles so soon after receiving last month’s award for Recovery vehicles,” stated Navistar Defense president Archie Massicotte. “This award is an element in a strategy that allows us to build our business around a revenue base of $1.5 to $2.0 billion. Another important element is our commitment to keeping warfighters safe.”

Since 2007, the company has been contracted to produce more than 8,000 MaxxPro MRAP

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