Manufacturing Technology Consumption up 22.3 percent

Oct. 10, 2006

The consumption of manufacturing technology increased 22.3 percent on a year-to-date basis compared with 2005,says the Association For Manufacturing Technology and the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association.
August consumption totaled $300.15 million, up 3.4 percent from July, and up 2.1 percent from August 2005. The year-to-date total for 2006 is $2,381.3 million. These numbers are based on the totals of actual data reported by companies participating in the United States Machine Tool Consumption data collection program.
"August consumption was unusually high, but not surprising when you consider that some industries, such as construction equipment, are working at 100 percent of capacity, "said John B. Byrd III, AMT president. "Buyers for many industries were very active at the recent International Manufacturing Technology Show, looking for both increased productivity and for capacity advances. Clearly, the year will end on a high note as orders taken at IMTS are realized."

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