July Machine Tool Sales Rose 10.1%

Sept. 21, 2010
No normal summer doldrums as sales top 2009 total by 58.9%

U.S. sales of machine tools and auxiliary equipment totaled $266.08 million in July, the American Machine Tool Distributors Assn. (AMTDA) and the Assoc. for Manufacturing Technology reported. The U.S. Manufacturing Technology Consumption report is comprised of data supplied by participating companies who represent production and distribution of manufacturing technology. It provides regional and national U.S. consumption data of domestic and imported machine tools and auxiliary equipment.

The July USMTC total represents a 10.1% increase from the June 2010 total of $241.47 million, and a 72.6% increase from the July 2009 total of $154.13 million.

For the first seven months of 2010, the USMTC total stands at $1,473.79 million, meaning that 2010 consumption is up 58.9% versus 2009.

“We are pleased that July sales have exceeded expectations and that we’re not seeing the normal summer doldrums for machine tool purchases,” stated AMTDA president Peter Borden. Borden added that IMTS 2010 “will be a key indicator of the ongoing strength of the manufacturing recovery that we have seen gaining momentum since January.”

In regional results, the report manufacturing technology consumption rose 2.7% in the Northeast during July. The total, $52.54 million, represented an increase of 2.7% from June’s $51.15 million, and a 139.4% increase versus July 2009. The 2010 year-to-date total consumption for the Northeast is $262.84 million, a 45.9% improvement over the seven-month total for 2009.

The Southern region had total sales of machine tools and related equipment of $26.37 million during July, a decrease of 23.6% compared with June’s total of $34.50 million, but an increase of 20.7% over the July 2009 total. For the January-July 2010 period, the Southern region’s consumption totals $215.35 million, 65.9% higher than the figure for the first seven months of 2009.

In the Midwest, manufacturing technology consumption totaled $95.07 million for July, 30.3% above the June 2010 total of $72.96 million, and 132.7% higher than the July 2009 total. For the first seven months of 2010, the total consumption has been $430.34 million, up 64.1% versus the comparable period of 2009.

The U.S. Central region had July sale of machine tools and related equipment totaling $62.72 million, up 9.0% when compared with June’s $57.54 million, and up 22.9% when compared to the July 2009 total. For the year-to-date, the region’s total consumption amounts to $392.34 million, 71.5% above the total for January-July 2009.

In the Western region, July manufacturing technology consumption totaled $29.37 million, a rise of 14.8% over the $25.58 million total for June, and up 59.1% compared with July a year ago. The Western region’s 2010 year-to-date consumption totals $172.93 million, 36.6% higher than the total for the same period last year.

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