Ford to Invest $400 Million at Kansas City Assembly Plant

Jan. 19, 2011
Retooling, improvements for F-150, and a new production line an unnamed vehicle

Ford Motor Co. will invest $400 million to retool and improve its Kansas City, Mo., assembly plant to build its Ford F-150 pickup truck and another new vehicle that Ford has not identified. The plant currently produces the Ford Escape SUV, but the automaker is concentrating production of that vehicle at its Louisville, Ky., plant.

This is the fourth plant remodeling Ford that has announced in recent years for its North American operations.

The capital investment at Kansas City will cover installing a new body shop and new tooling, among other improvements. Ford indicates it will maintain 3,750 full-time jobs there, including assembly line positions.

Ford is receiving Missouri state tax incentives relating to its capital investments and job retention with the project.

"This investment and promise of a new vehicle to be built in Kansas City reinforces Ford's commitment to U.S. manufacturing and American jobs," stated Ford’s president for the Americas, Mark Fields. "Investing in our plants, products and people is critical to Ford's ability to compete with the best in the business. Ford is committed to doing everything it takes to work with its partners, including the United Auto Workers, to remain competitive."

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