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Turbomachinery Producer Relocates Manufacturing Center

Feb. 8, 2012
Concepts NREC reopens machining operation in Vermont
Concepts NREC’s precision machining capabilities includes 5-axis CNC mills and turning centers that produce turbomachinery impellers, blisks, individual blades, and other components up to 33-in. in diameter.

Concepts NREC (CN), which manufactures precision turbomachinery components for compressors, turbines, pumps, propulsors, propellers, fans, and blowers, opened a new production center this week in Wilder, Vt. The company moved its headquarters to the new site from Woburn, Mass., installed relocated numerous 5-axis CNC mills and turning centers there, and also a number of manual machining centers.

At the same time, CN moved its CAD and CAM development divisions, project management, sales and marketing, and IT staff from Woburn to Chelmsford, Mass.

Also relocated to Vermont is the assembly and testing areas for CN’s VAROC Air Brake Dynamomoeter business, along with inventory space for the machining operation and finished products. Dynamometers are used to test high-speed turboshaft helicopter engines, and other shaft-driven aircraft, without using water or electric utilities.

CN said the relocation required coordination of heavy rigging and moving contractors, electricians, and several certified 5-axis technicians to move the manufactured parts business and dynamometer production business line in less than two weeks. It said the move allows it to continue supplying its many customers with precision machined parts and assemblies, and to support its own engineering group with precision machined parts.

The company said the state of Vermont provided some support to finance the new construction, and that it took advantage of the state’s incentive funding for the relocation effort. Vermont is offsetting some training costs for new employees, too.

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