Integrating Manufacturing Services to Save OEMs Time, Costs

Aug. 2, 2010
Acculloy Manufacturing Solutions targets oilfield, valve, turbine, pump/compressor sectors

Acculloy Manufacturing Solutions Inc. is a new company formed by oilfield and industrial components manufacturer Gerald Chandler II, aiming to offer turnkey solutions with the cost, quality and delivery advantages by “taking the slack out of the system.”

“There are multiple transition points in a typical heavy industry manufacturing sequence where work-in-process is transferred from one subcontractor to another,” explains Chandler, president of Houston-based AccuWeld Inc. “We believe by integrating these process steps, we can reduce an OEM manufacturer’s costs by up to 30% and improve turnaround time by 50% or more, while maintaining or improving component quality on measures such as hardnesses, tolerances, strength and dependability.”

AccuWeld is a precision welding company that Chandler founded in 1992.

Of the new venture, Chandler added that “taking the slack out of the system” will result in significant cost savings for the customers. For example, he noted that in a 30-day manufacturing schedule for a valve body, it is common for the major components to pass through 10 or more different manufacturers or processors on its way to final assembly.

Acculoy Manufacturing Solutions is providing a wide range of services for industrial component manufacturing, including machining, welding, cladding, NDE, industrial coating, and quality assurance. It says that its integrated processes can reduce OEM manufacturing costs and improve turnaround time, while maintaining or improving component quality on standard measures.

By integrating and coordinating these steps, Acculloy saves time and cost at the points where materials are transferred from one process stage to another.

Acculloy claims to handle thousands of projects annually for customers that include some of the largest oilfield services, valve makers, and pipeline and drilling tool companies, as well as major port contractors, engineering firms, and operators.

“OEM manufacturers have historically achieved their quality and cost objectives by bidding segments of their work to multiple suppliers,” Chandler observed. “On top of Acculloy’s proven ability to meet the most difficult performance challenges, high customer satisfaction levels, and an industry-leading on-time delivery rate, we believe the opportunity to reduce costs by up to 30% with higher in-process efficiencies creates a compelling new alternative for OEM manufacturers.”

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