Timken Expanding Aerospace Aftermarket Supply

March 2, 2010
Adding over 100 replacement parts to FAA-approved portfolio

The Timken Co. hopes to increase its Aerospace and Defense business activities, which it signaled by an expansion in its Aerospace Aftermarket Solutions organization. Among the details of this, it added 100 new replacement parts to its portfolio of FAA-approved parts and assemblies.

"We are sharpening our focus on engine overhaul and repair, and we expect customers to benefit from that emphasis," stated Larry Shiembob, general manager of Mesa, AZ-based Aerospace Aftermarket Solutions.

Also, Timken reported a new order for an emergency supply of left-hand engine nose gearboxes for aftermarket use on the U.S. Army's fleet of Apache Longbow helicopters. Timken is the only aftermarket manufacturer approved to supply all five gearboxes onboard the Apache, which it produces at its Manchester, CT, plant for both OEM and aftermarket supply. Timken also provides gearboxes for the Apache's main transmission, intermediate and tail-rotor positions.

Timken recently earned FAA approval on 77 new helicopter drivetrain and engine products, including products for the Bell H-1 (Huey); the MD Helicopters MD500 Series; the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6; and the Rolls-Royce Model 250 engines.

"We have doubled our offering of replacement parts in the past three years," said Shiembob. "Timken is investing to expand the scope of aftermarket repair and replacement products and services we offer. That demonstrates a long-term commitment to helping our customers optimize their flight operations."

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