Dresser-Rand Scores New Orders for Offshore Drilling

Dec. 28, 2010
Over $250 million in contracts for compression, power-generation equipment

Dresser-Rand Group Inc. is set to supply compression and power-generation equipment for five offshore projects in new contracts it reports are worth approximately $250 million. The orders for turbo-machinery involve a floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel; a semi-submersible; a tension leg platform; and two fixed-leg platforms, which are located in Southeast Asia and the Gulf of Mexico.

"We are pleased that Dresser-Rand has been selected to supply compression and power generation packages for these projects," stated Jesus Pacheco, Dresser-Rand's executive vice president, New Equipment Worldwide. "These awards reflect the confidence our clients have in the value of Dresser-Rand's technology and our delivery record. All the power generation projects have particularly critical delivery needs, and our clients rely on Dresser-Rand's commitment to short cycle times as well as our on-time delivery record."

Pacheco emphasized that Dresser-Rand has "delivered every gas-turbine generator set on-time for the last five consecutive years, which we believe is an unmatched record in the industry for this class of equipment.”

Specifically, in the new contracts Dresser-Rand will supply 11 gas-turbine generator sets, three gas-turbine mechanical drive packages, and five DATUM compression trains in pressure boosting and export gas services.

The systems will be manufactured at Dresser-Rand’s plants in Olean, N.Y., Le Havre, France, and Kongsberg, Norway. Deliveries will begin late in 2011 and continue through mid-2012.

"These contracts are reflective of our continued strong position in supplying custom-engineered solutions for offshore production environments, whether they are Arctic or tropical, shallow or deepwater, and for fixed or floating facilities," said Pacheco.

The compression systems and gas turbine generator packages are expected to start shipping in late 2011 through the second quarter of 2012.

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