Marketplace Emphasizing Affordable Machine Tools

May 2, 2010
Industrial machine tool industry sees relief, according Red Hawk Tools

Houston-based Red Hawk Tools this month launched an online marketplace for industrial tools — — on the premise that machine shops need to replace aging equipment but their choices are limited by a variety of adverse economic conditions. The company predicts its site will be an economical alternative for budget-conscious shop managers looking for substantial savings as they replace industrial machine tools.

"In today's suppressed economy, high profits are not the answer," according to Red Hawk Tools owners Butch Reed and John Mincher.

"Our primary objective is to do our part in helping companies during this economic downturn by offering real relief to their strained budgets," they emphasize. "Equipment still needs to be replaced and it is our obligation as responsible citizens to help each other."

In addition to its expanding equipment inventory, the site will have "a knowledge base" that will be a valuable resource for customers.

"Red Hawk Tools is setting the stage for bringing real ethical values back to the customer where they belong," according to Reed and Mincher.

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