Jergens Unit Buys Precision Electric Fastener Assets

May 26, 2010
Acquisition of MicroTorq LLC expands ASG's product range, puts focus on transducerized fasting tools

ASG, a division of toolmaker Jergens Inc. that manufactures precision assembly equipment, is buying the assets of MicroTorq LLC, which produces electric fastener systems. The terms of the purchase were not announced.

Jergens manufactures standard tooling and specialty fastener products. ASG specializes in precision assembly equipment for numerous industries, from light electronics to heavy industrial applications.

Bryon Shafer, general manager, stated: "This acquisition transforms our business in Cleveland, OH, and makes us a comprehensive engineering, design, R&D and manufacturing facility, with a focus on DC electric transducerized precision fastening tools. In addition, the acquisition enhances our ability to provide complete fastening solutions to an increasingly quality-conscious customer base in the critical / controlled fastening markets, such as automotive, aerospace and medical assembly industries."

ASG said it will rebrand the control system as X-PAQ, in recognition of its “extreme precision, accuracy and quality,” and that the product line will be marketed under the new business unit, ASG Precision Fastening Group.

Also, ASG said it will provide full service repair, maintenance and calibration services for all ASG branded screwdrivers, as well as all comparable electric transducerized screwdrivers currently in the field, regardless of where or when the tool was purchased.

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