AM Contributor Guidelines

Articles accepted for publication will appear on and may appear in newsletters.

Submit an abstract. AM will consider unsolicited articles, but potential contributors should submit an abstract or proposal outlining the intended article. This information should include a proposed title, the major points to be covered, and the author/s name/s.  

Deliver this information to the AM editor/content director at [email protected]

The AM staff will review proposals for relevance and timeliness and coordinate the subsequent plans with potential contributors.

Exclusivity. All contributed content must be exclusive to Articles or columns should not have appeared elsewhere.

Final decisions on acceptance will be made only upon receipt of a completed article.

Accepted contributions will be followed with a proposed Contributor’s Agreement for signature – establishing the publication right with an exclusive period for AM/Endeavor Business Media and confirming the author’s copyright of the submitted material.

Word count. Articles published by AM generally range from 1,200 to 1,500 words, though there may be exceptions.

The submitted draft should include:
  High-resolution graphics
  Captions for graphics
  Author/s’ credits and contact email address

Subject matter. informs machine shop professionals with news, trends reports, management strategies, and other information to support their work in the manufacturing technology sector. Topics range from machine design and operation to machine programming, to product selection and application for machinery, cutting tools, software, automation and robotics, CNC designs and systems, and quality control products and instrumentation.

Articles should be instructive and constructive in tone – not promotional or polemical, nor argumentative.

The AM staff will be happy to assist contributors to improve a draft prior to publication.

Deadlines. We are always looking for good material to publish. However, if you’d like a deadline, we are happy to provide one.

Articles/columns are accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the editors.

Contributed copy is subject to editing by our editorial staff, who have the final decision on publication.

We will work with the author/s to reach a mutually agreeable final version.

Bio and author’s credits. Contributors should provide a brief summary of their professional experience, with their current title and role, and a contact e-mail address.

Art or graphics. You are not required to submit art with the story; however, if you have good photos, charts or graphics that help tell a story, we will consider using them. Photos should be at least 500 x 500 pixels (the larger the better) and 72 dpi.

Attribution. We fact-check our contributed pieces. Please clearly provide the source for any citations, indicate the basis for any facts that support statements by the author/s, either within the article or through a hyperlink in the text.

Attribution should be the original source, not a secondary source that mentions the statistic.

Style. We use Associated Press style (with some exceptions). If you are not familiar with AP style, just be aware that some capitalization, spellings, punctuation and references may be edited to conform with AP style.