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Webinar: Can You Replace Machined Jigs with 3D Printed Parts?

An October 24 American Machinist-hosted webinar, sponsored by Formlabs

Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT -4, New York)
Duration: 1 Hour
Event Type: Live Webinar
Cost: Free

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Machining tooling in metal or plastic, either in-house or via a service bureau, can be a costly process. Depending on the forces experienced by the part, however, it may not always be necessary to machine these tools. Top tier manufacturers such as Ashley Furniture have turned to 3D printing parts in-house to replace custom tooling that was previously machined and outsourced.

In this webinar, we’ll examine three case studies of how companies are printing strong, functional parts using a library of engineering materials and in-house 3D printing in order to dramatically cut costs and improve operational efficiency in production environments.

Register to learn:

  • Which engineering material a manufacturer used to reduce costs by over 90% and achieve tolerances that fit their requirements.
  • How Ashley Furniture improved efficiency by freeing up jig builders from repetitive tasks by using 3D printing to develop a universal system for an assembly fixture.
  • 3 unique ways to use these learnings to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs at your workplace through desktop-based additive manufacturing.




Edman90.pngAndrew Edman, Manufacturing Industry Manager, Formlabs

Andrew Edman is the Industry Manager for Product Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing at Formlabs. He’s focused on using additive technologies to create value in manufacturing and industrial workflows, like using 3D-printed tooling to bridge from prototype to production. Prior to Formlabs, Andrew worked as a design and engineering consultant, helping startups and Fortune 500 companies develop products from concept through to scale manufacturing.

Sheikh90.jpgFaris Sheikh, 3D Printing Specialist, Formlabs

Faris Sheikh, 3D printing specialist at Formlabs, has helped Formlabs run over 40 live broadcasts around the world to educate over 21,000 engineers, manufacturers, dentists, and jewelers on how to successfully incorporate Formlabs products into their day-to-day workflows. Previously, Sheikh most notably ran an online technology show on hardware and software products totalling over 2 million global views.

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