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Epicor Webinar

Are You a Future Ready Manufacturer? Maximizing Benefits from Disruptive Technologies and Addressing the 'New Norm'

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On-Demand Webinar
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Without question, if you are a manufacturer, you are feeling the effects of an ever-increasing velocity of change in the industry. Customers are demanding more from you whether it takes the form of managing more complex product requirements, ever-shrinking lead times, or simply the need to be "always on" 24/7/365. Supply chains are becoming more global—sourcing material from one country, managing cross-border logistics, and ensuring quality is maintained at each stage opens you to significant risk at each stage. Now, combine that with significant global change and the speed of technology innovation, it is no doubt you are left wondering what to do and how to make sense of it all.

Attend this webcast to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of how significant global megatrends will affect your daily operations, what steps you can take today to understand and react to them, and how you can balance the hype of emerging disruptive technologies, to gain the greatest benefit. Join our industry expert as he shares:

  • Which global megatrends will have most significant impact on manufacturers
  • How to sift through the hype of emerging and disruptive technologies and gain a clear understanding of them
  • What is the best way to maximize the greatest gain from a balanced approach in leveraging technology

At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to formulate a strategic plan to:

  • Increase revenue by seizing more opportunities through the right use of technology
  • Reduce cost by maximizing efficiency
  • Re-gain your competitive advantage by being a future-ready manufacturer

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Dave Lechleitner
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Epicor ERP Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Epicor Software Corporation
Dave Lechleitner is a tenured senior enterprise resource planning (ERP) professional with over 25 years expertise working with manufacturers, distributors, and professional service organizations within specific industry verticals. Currently, he is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Manufacturing for Epicor Software Corporation. In this role, Dave manages key product and market initiatives for the Epicor ERP product. These strategic responsibilities include conducting market research and competitor analysis, assisting in product roadmap development, and formulating go-to-market approaches for new or existing products. He is keenly focused on the manufacturing space to more fully understand the latest trends and issues facing small and medium sized manufacturers in the U.S.